Coco Mamba – Trippin x Beat Drop

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Coco Mamba seems like the type of girl that really makes you work for it. She holds the audience captive and has this way of making the listener really engage with her. While the first half of this video sets the tone for her state of mind and her surroundings the second half, “Beat Drop” is the main attraction. No matter which song you prefer Coco Mamba is sure to keep you in a trance. Check it out and let me know if your feelin it in the comments below!


“Trippin” (Acoustic) Tambourine by Coco Mamba

Engineered by Justin Klatzko (Brewery Recording Studio)

“Beat Drop” Instrumental produced by Kid Ocean Engineered by Justin Klatzko (Brewery Recording Studio)

Video conceptualized by Coco Mamba

Shot and directed by Lucas Alvarado Farrar

Produced and edited by Hour by Hour Co-produced by Far Fetched

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